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Tue, Oct 16 2018 11:00 Central Daylight Time

SQL Server 2016 features to make DBA lives easier - Padma Achanta

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SQL Server 2016 features to make DBA lives easier

SQL Server 2016 announced many new features like in- Memory OLTP, Live Query statistics, Temporal tables and enriched the existing features Encryption to Always Encryption, High Availability Enhancements, Replication Enhancements etc. which make DBA lives easier. Let's flavor for a while handful of different SQL features. In this session, Microsoft Certified SQL DBA Padma Achanta will demonstrate numerous features of SQL Server 2016. Attendees will learn what’s different in SQL Server 2016 and handful of important concepts which are beneficial in day to day DBA life, along with very good examples, SQL Server Architecture and beyond.

Padma Achanta is a Microsoft Certified SQL Server Database Administrator. She is an enthusiastic participant in SQL sessions and relishes learning about Technologies and educating associates. Padma initiated working on SQL online Video exercises. She gained many rewards for her contribution in SQL Server in her working and worked companies and now she volunteered in Women in Technology.

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