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Tue, Oct 01 2013 16:00 UTC

K. Brian Kelley What You Must Know About Security


What You Must Know About SQL Security

Data security breaches are in the news regularly. In many cases, these breaches are due to poor or incomplete security configurations. In this session we'll look at the basic Microsoft SQL Server security model and what you need to look at for your own system. We'll cover the top things to check both inside and outside of SQL Server to lock down your databases while still providing the access your users need. Finally, we'll also talk about how what you should be auditing regularly to ensure your SQL Server stays secured.

Brian is a SQL Server author, columnist, and former Microsoft MVP, focusing primarily on security and administration of Active Directory, SQL Server, SharePoint, and related technologies. You can find Brian's work at both and and he presents frequently both in person and online on Microsoft SQL Server and IT security related topics.

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